Stones & Bones Slots

Stones and Bones Slots has a nice prehistoric theme, involving happy cavemen, smirking Smilodons (saber-toothed tigers) and vicious dinosaurs with wide grins. The Smilodon has a fluffy golden fur, front teeth the size of daggers and big green eyes. The protagonist (the man) has a messy hair-do (it’s not like there were barbers back in those days) and a big beard and he is chewing on a crimson stake. The dinosaur looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, it is dark teal and has terrifying yellow eyes with red irises as well as snow-white teeth and horns. Other creatures that gamblers might meet on their hunt for big earnings are purple mammoths and green pterodactyls. This Stone Age-themed online piece of gambling entertainment is centered around a family – a husband and a wife, called Brock and Amber as they try to deal with the occasional moments of hardship in their lives, which come in the form of ancient beasts of every kind imaginable. The game features 30 paylines, 5 reels and offers a total amount of 38 860 coins available for grabbing. The wild symbol of the game is the Stones and Bones logo icon. Also, this is a game that involves the rare case in which 3 separate scatter symbols can appear on the reels. They are the caveman, the cavewoman and the dinosaur. The caveman is capable of activating the free spins round of the game and when it does as many as 30 free games will be provided for the player with a multiplier of 2 on all the earnings, which will deliver great rewards. The cavewoman is given the ability to multiply the earnings made during the free spins by 2. The dinosaur scatter acts as a bonus symbol and is able to activate the main feature of the game that goes by the name “Age of Eggcitement”. It involves a number of eggs hatching with tiny baby dinosaurs popping out. As an act of celebration, affiliated with Stones and Bones’ release, 6 banners will offer 20 free spins on Black Lotus Casino. If members and players have enquiries regarding the game, they can contact the email

Don’t miss out on Stones and Bones Slots and give the game a try as soon as it gets within your reach and enjoy a wonderfully realized theme, generously paying symbols and great profitable bonus features.